Allergen Advice and Contact Details


We are always happy to hear from our customers, so if you have any queries regarding our products and/or services please do not hesitate to contact us on:


If you have any general questions or comments regarding our chocolate products, the ingredients used or the shelf life of them please contact us on:

Telephone : – 0771 3166416


* Please note that although most of our products do not contain nuts, they are produced in a kitchen where nut/nut products are regularly used

* Some colours may cause hyperactivity in small children, please contact us, if you require information

* The chocolate used in our products does not contain gluten , however it does contain soy/soya derivatives, milk and may contain other allergens, personalised products contain egg

* Our white and milk chocolate products do contain milk/milk products and are therefore not suitable for customers who are dairy intolerant, dark chocolate does not contain milk

* We are now able to provide a dairy free “milk” chocolate (limited products) please contact us to enquire

* For customers who are gluten free/soy free/dairy free/lactose free/nut free
We are able to provide a suitable chocolate (limited products) please contact us to enquire

For further advice on product ingredients, please contact us through or telephone 07713166416