Creative Chocolates guide to chocolate tasting:-

Like wine tasting, there’s a bit of an art to properly savouring the varied tastes and textures of our chocolates. So before you polish off that bar in record time, follow these tips and get ready to impress and tantalise your taste buds!

Before you begin..

Keep your chocolates at room temperature (18-20ºc) and not in the fridge, as this will spoil the taste. Don’t let us hear that you have been doing this or there’ll be major trouble!

It’s best to start with white chocolate, move on to the milks and finally the rich darks.

Sip a little water between pieces as this will cleanse your palate and allow you to savour every little morsel

Choose your chocolate thoughtfully..

Take a moment to appreciate how your chocolate looks. If it’s solid (without a filling), the surface should be smooth and glossy.

A good quality chocolate should also feel firm and make a significant “snap” noise when you break it into pieces

Savour the aroma. Depending on the type of cocoa bean used, you should be able to pick up sweet, spicy, fruity, flowery, grassy, nutty or even woody aromas

If you’ve chosen a flavoured chocolate, you may get a scent of what lovely taste awaits you

Pop a piece in your mouth and let it rest on your tongue, this will give you a hit of instant flavour, (DO NOT CHEW!!)– as it starts to melt,  it should feel ‘clean’, with no waxy or grainy texture. By letting the chocolate dissolve slowly in your mouth, you learn to appreciate the quality and the flavour of it.

By not chewing the chocolate – it will last you soooooooooo much longer!